My name is Victor Kaulitz, and I have a throbbing itch to kill everyone I encounter with precision. I'm also a terrible house guest. I'd do your best to avoid me, if at all possible.

One, two.


Most nursery rhymes aren’t logical. 


Point taken.

  Anonymous asked: Childhood

HEADCANON #10 - Childhood

Victor can only vaguely recall his childhood, as he seemed to have repressed everything up until his brother’s death. From what he is told, he was a well-rounded kid, and lived a fairly adequate life despite his Mother’s cold and aloof demeanor. He is often reprimanded about his quick transition to malevolence by his Mother, though it has little to no effect on him. Despite his inability to feel, it is fairly safe to say that his childhood can be attributed toward his detached emotions.

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One, two.


Buckle my shoe.


Grab a knife, and stab it through. 

That nursery rhyme rendition isn’t even logical.

Title: Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle
Artist: Nirvana
Played: 8205 times


Nirvana - Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle (1993)

I miss the comfort in being sad

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So many patients, so little time to obliterate you all from the human race.



I’m ready to leave, it’s all making me worse.. I don’t like it.


Less complaining, more recuperating, in that case. Wouldn’t you agree?

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You think me far more quarrelsome a creature then I happen to be. One simply cannot help but be curious as to why such a thing should be any of your concern. Mmm, allot me a moment to replace the word ‘concern’ something a bit more fittingly absent of regard— inquiry. As, simply fading into the background does not quite suffice in definition as a quote ‘suspicious absence’. I have not been without company in all that long of a period, it is often that I choose to separate myself from the insufferable souls that occupy this dazzling lock box of ours. image

[he pinches the bridge of his nose with evident irritation] Jesus fucking Christ, Kaylee. I was prompting conversation, of which would pique your self-importance. I remain indifferent as to whether or not the validity of the answer itself can be accounted for, nor am willing to search any further than its relatively questionable surface.  [he gives his head a curt shake accompanied by a roll of his eyes] I’ve really no motivation to sustain means of eloquently argumentative conversation with the likes of you. Even an endeavor as futile as encouraging some form of genuine camaraderie has an exclusive right to be acknowledged provided the source is essentially disapproving of the human race.

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Nothing of any real interest, I must say. Though I do not see why it is a question for you to ask, as I do not owe you some peculiar play by play of how I choose to spend my time. image

Nor did I believe you were obliged to disclose an elaborate response on behalf of your irrefutably suspicious absence. You’ve the tendency to grow so defensive in regards to such insignificant matters, love. [he taps the ashes off of his cigarette, evidently in no mood to press matters further; his demeanor is rather calm, as indifferent as usual, though somehow softer in approach]

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